"I come from a proud family that has been involved with community and public service for as long as I can remember.   I want to work for you. We need to create a more efficient and cost effective government that serves the needs of all in our community."

We need to reform how we budget for today and tomorrow.  I will work for you to enact reforms in how our Town budgets and plans it finances that include:

  • Zero based budgeting ( Click here for explanation );

  • Requiring multi-year financial planning;

  • any increase in an elected officer's salary should be effective after their current term;

  • Requiring a cyclical reassessment plan within the requirements of RPTL 1573.


We need to change aspects of our Town's governance to increase financial oversight and make it more accountable to the voter.  This includes:

  • Bringing back the position of Town Comptroller and transfer the functions of Director of Finance and Bookkeeper to the Supervisor to that office and abolishing those positions;

  • Amend the Town Code to delegate consideration of application for Special Use Permits to the Zoning Board of Appeals;

  • Amend the Town Code to delegate applications for Site Plan Review to the Zoning Board of Appeals;

  • Amend the Town Code to abolish the Planning Board.


We need to enact a nuisance abatement law to give our community the tools it needs to prevent and combat blight.

We need to strengthen and improve the Town's law in respect to rental of non-owner-occupied dwelling units to provide for bi-annual inspections by the Town's inspectors at the land-owner's expense.  Also a provision should be added that any tenant or occupant of a non-owner-occupied dwelling unit is relieved of any liability of paying any rental fee for such unit if it is not licensed and properly inspected under this law.

This law should also be expanded to cover owner-occupied dwelling units that has more than 4 units in a single structure.

Historic Preservation

I support and will work for you in forming a Historic Preservation Commission the purpose of which will be to promote the general welfare by providing for the identification, protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of buildings, structures, signs, features, improvements, sites, and areas within the Town that reflect special elements of the Town’s historical, architectural, cultural, economic or aesthetic heritage.


The Town needs to be more transparent in it dealings.  I would support and work for you in seeking to enact the following changes:

Provide that a Court can remove from office any member of a public body that violates the Open Meetings Law much like they have in the Town of Clarence.

Provide that financial disclosure forms be required and they be posted online.

Community/Quality of Life

It came as quite a surprise to me that West Seneca is one of 4 municipalities in Erie County that does not participate in the Erie County program to train and equip its officers in narcan/naloxone.  While I appreciate our Police Chief's position that EMS and AMR do have it and they also respond to these calls I still believe that our officers should have it too.  Seconds matter in this type of situation why risk it? I support implementing this program in West Seneca.

I also support and will work for you in having the Town join the Erie County Sheriff’s Office's Prescription Drop-off Box program.


It is simply inconceivable that not one of the many projects in town over recent memory that which SEQRA review was required did not pose a possibility that it would result in one or more significant environmental impacts and therefore require a full EIS.

SEQRA allows municipalities who are designated as lead agencies under SEQRA recover its costs for either the preparation or the review of an environmental impact statement.

I support and will work for you in urging the re-vamping of how the Town carries out its responsibilities under SEQRA.

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